Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

 What is FAI? FAI is a recently understood hip condition which describes a mechanical mismatch between the ‘ball’ and the ‘socket’ of the hip There are two described types of impingement: ‘Cam’ type impingement describes a ‘bump’ on the surface … Continued

Neck pain watching fireworks

Be careful not to hurt your neck this bonfire night! If you stand too close and have to look up for a long time you can irritate the joints and muscles in your neck. If you’re prone to neck pain … Continued

Osteopath Bedford helps cyclist complete 90miles

Hey Tilly Osteopath, I successfully competed the 90 mile ride yesterday at Silverstone! Ankles were great with no pains, your treatment, advice and stretches worked like magic! Back survived as well, although a small bit of pain, but a lot better … Continued

Knee Injuries part 1

Knee Injuries Part 1 is about Posterior Cruciate Injuries and is dedicated to Rob Flynn! What is a Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Injury? A PCL injury refers to a tear in one of the cruciate ligaments inside the knee joint. … Continued

Gill Fullen Race CV

I have been taking part in triathlon since 2008 and enjoy competing at everything from running local 5k road races, taking part in cycle time trials, to completing Ironman distance triathlons. In 2011 I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World … Continued

Triathlete, Gill Fullen

Gill came to me before her first Ironman triathlon suffering from shin splints and IT band problems causing severe leg and knee pain. Despite physio treatment, massage and exercises, these problems were stopping Gill training just at the crucial period … Continued

Osteopathy helps Grand Prix Dressage Rider

I have been a patient of Tilly’s for a few years now and without her it would not be possible for me to ride at the top level. I’ve always suffered from a bad back but struggled to find anyone … Continued

Respect to Rowers!

Wow, Just had my first go in a Single (FINE) scull. SUCH fun! But that really worked my core! I suggest to anyone who thinks they have a good core to give it a go and see what they think … Continued