Last week we asked for your own, personal, definition of Osteopathy for your chance to win a free treatment. I’m pleased to announce that the winner is: Vanessa Ainsworth with: Osteopathy at Lake View is a great way of getting many … Continued

2014 Horst ETU Powerman Sprint Duathlon

Well, she’s done me proud again! Lake View PROUDLY sponsors 2014’s Horst ETU Powerman Sprint Duathlon 1st Lady! DISTANCES: 5 km run, 20 km bike, 2.5 km run WELL DONE GILL!


HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FREE OSTEOPATHY TREATMENT! All we want is your own, personal, definition of Osteopathy. Something I can use to explain to people what we do, but the more unique your definition the better! Email … Continued

Dambuster Duathlon

Big Congratulations to Gill Fullen again! 2nd Lady overall and won her age group at the Dambuster Duathlon today. Very proud to still be your sponsor 4 years on!

Do you have a buffalo hump?

The past few months I have seen a number of patients who present with a “Buffalo Hump”.Nearly all of these patients were complaining of neck and shoulder pain because the hump was affecting the way they could use there neck. … Continued

Flexible HOT / COLD Packs

We sell flexible hot / cold packs at Lake View Osteopathy Clinic, just £5, they can be heated in the microwave or frozen in the the freezer! Perfect for helping you manage your injuries and sore muscles! So if you’re … Continued

Is your way of breathing causing your neck pain?

How should you breath? The connection between dysfunctional breathing and neck pain is straightforward: If the diaphragm is unable do its job well, muscles in the upper chest and neck, (your accessory breathing muscles), try to take over. As their … Continued