Could you be our next SPONSORED ATHLETE?

Lake View have teamed up with Podfo to offer one lucky athlete sponsorship in 2019! Entry Requirements Currently have or think you may need orthoses. Have a sporting or non-sporting activity goal for 2019 Have one or more of the … Continued

Tennis Elbow Self Help

Tennis Elbow self help from Krishna                         Tennis elbow, also medically known as lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury of the outside of the elbow. The injury is caused … Continued

Free 20min Osteopathy Consultations

Help spread the word! FREE 20min Consultation If you are unsure if we can help, this free 20 minute consultation is a great idea! Just book in and we’ll go through a detailed case history with you. We’ll ask about … Continued

Have you got bad posture?

Have you got bad Posture? Have you ever found yourself working at your desk, queuing or slouching on the sofa and wondered if your posture is ‘good’ or ‘bad’? You don’t have to be a ballerina to have been told … Continued

What is gait analysis and what can it do for me?

Our Podiatrist Colin Papworth explains more about gait analysis. Gait Analysis Gait analysis is when we look at how you walk or run and see if the way you move is contributing to the pain you are experiencing. Most injuries … Continued

Gill Fullen Outlaw Full Race Report 2017

The Outlaw Full Distance, July 2017Race Report by Gill Fullen The weather wasn’t looking promising for the Outlaw weekend so there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm from friends and family to accompany me camping in Nottingham; wimps! I understand … Continued

Reboot your wellbeing

If you are struggling with stress or chronic pain – this workshop is for you! Reboot your wellbeing A few of you may have already heard me talking about Lindsey from Glows Coaching. Lindsey is a brilliant coach, helping clients with … Continued

Good Driving Position

Do you have a good driving position? Do you slump, lean or grip? These habits can all put strain on your body and cause pain. Most of us now spend around 10 hours a week, approximately 3 FULL YEARS of our life … Continued

Handbag problems!

What do you see in this picture?  1) flowers2) candles3) handbag 4) steps 5) a mulberry handbag I don’t yet have 6) ohhhh look at that bag – think of all the things I could fit in there… laptop, make-up, … Continued