The Neck and Golf

During a Golf Swing, unknowingly a lot of rotation is occurring through your neck. If any of you are experiencing reoccurring neck pain, it is possible you have reduced range of motion at your neck. Click here to see some … Continued

Shoulder Stability & Flexibility

Shoulder Stability and flexibility go hand in hand During the Golf swing, an adequate amount of external rotation followed by internal rotation occurs. Therefore, it is important to have good flexibility at the shoulder. The secret of having good flexibility … Continued

Rotation in Golf

Thoracic Spine mobility – save your lower back! The rotation created during your golf swing can put a lot of pressure through your lower back. In a previous blog (March edition) we spoke about how the mobility at the hips … Continued


Injuries are not always caused by one single event. They quite often are also caused by a build up over time, and due to multiple reason. One such reason can be our daily posture while walking, standing and sitting. A … Continued

Hip Strength & Mobility

Hip strength and flexibility is important to allow a fluent and powerful golf swing. It is also well under appreciated how important lower body strength is as we age. While we know golf and walking around a golf course massively … Continued


The weight transfer that occurs in the golf swing requires good balance – whether you’re teeing off, chipping on or playing from uneven ground. Our balance can deteriorate for a number of reasons, but the primary two are through repetitive … Continued

Why did I choose Osteopathy?

I’m often asked why I chose to become an osteopath. Initially I actually wanted to be a chiropractor – neither were exactly a mainstream choice at the time. It all started with horses I’ve been lucky enough to have a … Continued

Gait Analysis & Podiatry

Gait analysis and podiatry with our Running Expert Colin Papworth! Podiatrists are medical specialists who help with problems that affect your feet or lower legs. They can treat injuries as well as complications from ongoing health issues like plantar fasciitis. … Continued

Be the Best

Be the best for your horse The fitter you are the better The more balanced you are the better The more supple you are the better The more confident you are the better   We have something to help every … Continued

Workspace Exercises

3 Simple Workspace Exercises With healthcare focusing on encouraging movement here are 3 simple exercises that can be done at your workstation – helping you to stay more mobile throughout the day. Thanks Krishna! Please note, these exercises are for … Continued