Please complete our online Covid-19 screening form prior to your appointment.

we’re so happy to be able to help you in lockdown 3

The new normal…

You won’t be surprised to hear that things will be a bit different in the clinic.
First up – the booking procedure;

  • Osteopathy appointments only (no sports massages are permitted during lockdown)
  • Pre-paid online payments
  • We will need you to complete our COVID-19 screening form 2 hours before your appointment

The Clinic

  • Please don’t arrive too early for your appointment – if you do please wait in your car (we won’t be able to let you in until the room has been clear for 20 minutes).
  • Please sanitise your hands and don a face mask before entering the clinic
  • We have had to remove all of our lovely towels and couch covers – please make sure you’re wearing comfy clothing.

Who we can’t treat

  • We have to be sure your visit is necessary and the benefit of seeing us outweighs the risk – yes, there is still a risk of Covid-19 despite our strict protocols.
  • It is best to call to discuss your problem before booking, alternatively book a free telehealth consult where we can assess you individual situation before booking you an appointment.
  • We ask you to fill in a screening form, this not only helps us to identify if you may be carrying the virus, but also if you are at high risk.

Don’t Panic

  • If you are in the vulnerable category but still need our help, please book a FREE telehealth consultation.
  • We can triage you to establish if we can help you remotely with advice and exercise or if we need to refer you for further help.
Sponsored Athlete, World Champion – Gill Fullen!

We are passionate about getting you back to doing what you love – Life is too short to let pain get in the way of doing what you enjoy. 

The Lake View Team