Shoulder Stability & Flexibility

Shoulder Stability and flexibility go hand in hand

During the Golf swing, an adequate amount of external rotation followed by internal rotation occurs. Therefore, it is important to have good flexibility at the shoulder. The secret of having good flexibility at the shoulder is in fact to have good stability at the shoulder joint.

Having good rotation at your shoulders will also prevent you compensating and over-rotating through your back, during a golf swing.

We have compiled a few gentle and straight forward exercises to help you increase the stability and flexibility at your shoulder.

Posterior Capsule stretch

  • Take your right arm across your body and hold onto your opposite shoulder. Your elbow should now be in a bent position and in-line with your midline
  • With your Left hand pull gently on your Right elbow, pulling it towards the left, which should lead to a stretch along the back of your shoulder.
  • Hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat 3 times. 
  • Now repeat the process with your Left shoulder
  • Be careful to only encourage a stetch and not overpull at the elbow or shoulder

Pendulum exercise

  • Let your arm hang by your side, you can use a light weight like a can of beans if you like.
  • Now slowly rotate your arm, allowing the space just below your shoulder joint to open up.
  • You can do 5 rotations, and repeat 3 times
  • Then repeat with the opposite shoulder
  • If you are exercising your Right Shoulder, the rotations should be performed in a Clockwise direction
  • If you are exercising your Left Sholder, the rotations should be performed in a Clockwise direction

Extended Forward Stretch

  • While seated, side on to a flat surface like a dining table
  • Place your forearm closer to the flat surface, onto the surface
  • Slowly slide your hand forwards, while slowly bending forwards at your waist, your whole arm should now be flat against the surface
  • Once you achieve a comfortable stretch, hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds and repeat 3 times
  • Now repeat the same process with the other arm
  • You may find one arm may go further than the other, and that’s ok, don’t force the stiffer arm to go far out, just let it go as far as it can, with time, you may find that the range of flexibility may increase.

Shoulder External Rotation

  • You can use either a medium strength resistance band or a towel for this exercise
  • Hold the resistance band with one hand at your midline, elbow bent to 90 degrees. This is your stabilising arm
  • Tuck the other arm close to your waist, also bent at the elbow to 90 degrees
  • Now gently pull the resistance band, rotating your outside shoulder externally, along the same plane
  • The aim isn’t how far you can rotate your shoulder outwards, the aim is to go as far as you can till the point you feel your elbow is going to leave your waist.
  • Now return back to neutral.
  • Repeat 4-6 times, then repeat with the opposite shoulder.

One handed shoulder Press

  • Arms by your side
  • Hold an object or weight, weighing either 1-2kg (no heavier), in one of your hands
  • Lift the weight up, only bending at the elbow, until the weight has reached your shoulder
  • Now lift the weight, pushing from your shoulder
  • Return back the same way
  • You can do 4-6 lifts
  • And Swap to the opposite arm

As usual, If any particular exercise causes you any discomfort, please do not continue with them and seek professional advice.

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