Tilly Sponsors Triathlete Gill Fullen

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Simon ward summarises Gill’s achievements superbly

“Gill Fullen has had a meteoric rise through the triathlon ranks. From a complete novice on 2009 to a multiple world champion by the end of 2015.
In 2016 she was presented with a different challenge when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
After successfully dealing with this, following a mastectomy and chemotherapy, she returned to triathlon and her winning ways in 2017.

Gill is not just a remarkable athlete she is also an amazing person. Settle down and listen in as we chat about:

**The not so natural move from karate and dressage into triathlon
**Competing at a very high level in dressage
**Coping with a cancer diagnosis
**How to train for triathlon while undergoing chemotherapy
**The similarities between training horses and triathletes
**Why most doctors don’t understand the mindset of triathletes
**Gill’s advice for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer
**The NEW cancerfit.me project which Gill is involved with

To listen to her interview with Simon, please click HERE —>>> https://simonward.podbean.com/e/simon-ward-and-gill-fullen/


Triathlete Gill Fullen came to me before her first Ironman triathlon suffering from shin splints and IT band problems causing severe leg and knee pain. Despite physio treatment, massage and exercises, these problems were stopping Gill training just at the crucial period before her big race. With regular treatments, I was able to ease Gill’s symptoms and enable her to complete her scheduled sessions. During the race itself Gill didn’t feel any pain from her usual problems at all, with the only real issue being blistered feet.

Since then, Gill has completed numerous Ironman triathlons, as well as numerous shorter distance races. Throughout the years I have treated Gill regularly to deal with injuries she has picked up, to maintain muscle health and structural function and therefore to prevent further injury. I have used a number of techniques to achieve this including osteopathy, acupuncture, kinesio taping, vibration plate and thumper massaging. I have come to have a deep understanding of the demands that multisport places on the body and always try to enable my athletes to continue to train where possible. Gill is living proof that osteopathy can help athletes maintain form and improve performance. My running patients have given me a healthy interest in gait analysis and the effect of technique on performance and injury.

This is someone who could hardly walk when I met her and who, due to the intensity of her training, has suffered from as many physical problems as I could list. Each one we have worked with and seen the back of, to the point where finally we seem to get less and less serious issues. It is a continual challenge to keep my athletes functioning, but one that provides great challenges and, with every success, increases my knowledge and ability to solve their issues. I get a huge amount of satisfaction seeing my athlete patients in a wide variety of sports achieving their goals. I will continue to support them to the best of my ability and enjoy celebrating their successes.