Leg Length Difference


Your eyes ALWAYS want to be level with the horizon.

Leg Length Difference

If you have one leg longer than the other it will mean the base of your spine if “off-set”.

In order for your eyes to stay level, your spine has to compensate by making an “S” shape.

As you can see – this can cause a number of problems in you back, neck, upper and lower limbs.

Your body can cope with this difference to a certain extent, after all, if you have a leg length difference, it is likely you have grown up with it.

Your body will compensate well, especially if you exercise and stretch well. However, as you age and or put more stresses and strains on your body it will run out of compensations. The odd ache and twinge here and there will become more prominent and begin to bother you more often.

This is your body saying it can’t cope any more and it needs help.

This is where osteopathy comes in. Your osteopath will help your body to cope with this difference by loosening up over used, tight and irritated joints and by strengthen the weakened over stretched joints with exercises – helping you to manage your own spine.

As you’ve probably guessed, some leg length differences can be worse than others. In more extreme cases it can be beneficial to increase the length of the short leg with the use of an orthotic or by building up the sole of your shoe.

You can also suffer with a twisted spine, also known as a scoliosis, because of a number of other causes.

If you think this is you, book in for a treatment and we can help you to help your spine!

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