Boston Marathon

Nice work Gill Fullen! Qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:30:50 is pretty impressive on its own. But Gill never fails to amaze me, she ran this qualifying marathon time in the same day as a 2.4mile sea … Continued

Perfect Pillow Review

The Goldilocks Pillow, not too big, not too small – The Perfect Pillow to fit you! The theory of the Goldilocks Pillow follows what I tell my patients on a day to day basis. Your pillow needs the fill the … Continued

I LOVE osteopathy!

I just gotta say: I LOVE OSTEOPATHY – what a great job I have! Yesterday I got a text from one of my patients, for sake of “story telling” we’ll call her Mrs Smith, I knew instantly that she was … Continued

The Perfect Pillow

The Perfect Pillow If you read my Autumn newsletter, you’ll know we have a new product in the clinic – The Goldilocks Pillow, not too big, not too small – The Perfect Pillow to fit you! The theory of the … Continued

Running Performance Workshop

Running Performance Workshop So many of our running patients here suffer with avoidable injuries, through bad running technique. Why do so many of us have bad running techniques? As children, we are just expected to be able to run well, no-one … Continued

Cure for lethargy

Cure for lethargy…. This morning I attended a 4N networking meeting at Colmworth Golf Club, this is one of the ways I promote the clinic and how Osteopathy can help businesses. Here I ate a full blown Full English Breakfast … Continued

Bedfordshire Triathlete

Bedfordshire Triathlete Gill Fullen is sponsored by Lake View Osteopathy and we couldn’t be more proud! Gill competed in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii again this year. Tilly was extremely excited this time around as Gill was in her … Continued


Ironman, Hawaii Today I saw Bedfordshire triathlete Gill Fullen for her final check up and treatment prior to The Ironman World Championships in Hawaii this year! I’m just SO excited for her – she is in absolutely top form and … Continued

Pilates Breathing

Pilates Breathing Why does it matter when you breathe in Pilates?! Breathing is co-ordinated with exercises so that exhalation occurs with movements that require the greatest effort. The diaphragm and transverse abdominis activate with the abdominal drawing in technique and … Continued