Charlie, Lake View Osteopathy Clinic’s mascot returned to the lake today. He was last year’s signet. Let’s hope he manages to raise a signet or two of his own this year.

Tri-athlete Gill Fullen

3/4/11:  Well done to Gill for coming first in the Sandy 10k run last weekend. Can’t wait to see her win her next triathalon following her intense training week in Mallorca. Well done to Gill for last weekend. Second lady … Continued

Osteopathy isn't just for Lower Back Pain

I want you all to know Osteopathy is NOT just about backs. So to enforce this I’m going to tell you about a few of last week’s patients – WITHOUT back pain! Monday – Mr H, home from a week … Continued

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is made of a high elastic quality woven tape that allows it to stretch 30-40% from its resting length. It is designed to simulate the elastic properties of skin. The theory is that it lifts the skin away … Continued

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Today I treated yet another golfer with ‘tennis’ elbow! Elbow pain, caused either because of a golfers/tennis elbow, occurs as a result of repetitive strain on the tendons of the forearm muscles on the inner/outer sides of the elbow respectively. … Continued

Air Conditioning

I walked into a lovely, toasty warm clinic this morning thanks to my air-con unit turning on 1hr before I was due in. Thanks G&O Refrigeration!