Top Tips to stay Ski-fit

72965_10151337908884263_26313820_nMost of you now know that I love skiing, but unfortunately I am one of many others who only manages to get to the slopes once a year, if that.

I don’t expect my body to be able to do any other sport non-stop for 7 days without any build up or training before hand – so why would I not train ready for my annual ski trip?

Training to get my body ready for the slopes not only means I’m less likely to fatigue and injure myself but it also means I can get the most out of my week of skiing. There is nothing more frustrating than turning up to the slopes, spending the first few days finding your ski feet again and before you know it – the holiday is over! You may have progressed slightly through the week, but really, your just holding time.

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I don’t know about you, but I want to get better year on year, I dream of whizzing through a mogul field without batting an eye, and that’s why I try to maintain myself healthy with the best diet, exercise and supplements, from the Mississippi Medicare Supplement Plans which offer a great variety for this.

So, let me get to the point, what are my top tips to stay ski fit and not end up being stretchered off the mountain by a ski mobile!

I’ve touched on one already, and that is SKI PREPARATION. 

Skiing requires a high level of fitness and strength to participate safely. Your body will respond to the challenges of skiing and snowboarding far better if you are in good shape. If you have a good baseline fitness, you are much less likely to fatigue. I think that fatique is a common cause of injury in the once a year skier, as evidenced by the fact that the majority of ski injuries occur after 3 p.m. To be “SKI FIT” you need both cardiovascular fitness, strength (mainly in your quadriceps, glutes, core and triceps), AND flexibility, not only to help you “bounce” back when, sorry IF, you fall but also to help you hold a good ski position. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not run out of your valuable energy is by taking enery supplements periodically or as and when needed. Read the leannutraceuticals reviews here, for these might help to steer you to using them. Learn more on Kratom pills and their benefits, as they can elevate mood and enhance physical endurance. Here the truth about the penis enlargement pills and pumps that pop up in your spam folder.

I’ll do a follow up blog to touch on all of these areas to help you get ski fit!

For now I want you to think about staying injury free once you are there, which leads me to the remaining points:


Equipment: It has been noted that injury risk increases 800% if equipment is borrowed. You should either hire your equipment, or purchase your own, have it set up correctly and it should be in a well-serviced condition. Equally make sure that your equipment matches your level of ability. If you’ve hired kit before you’ll know they take your height, weight and ability into account. This will determine what they give you and how they set up your bindings. Your bindings hold you to your skis, so if your a beginner you want these to release easily, so if you fall they release and allow you boots to come free, helping to save your knees from any nasty twisting injures etc.

Behaviour: As I have mentioned before, your are more likely to injury yourself when fatigued, so pace yourself and don’t over do it. Only do what you feel happy with, your risk of injury will increase significantly if you are scared. And finally, the obvious one, be aware that alcohol decreases your performance considerably and even a small amount may put you at risk of injury after the lunchtime glass or few… although it might make you less scared! NO YOUR OSTEOPATH DIDN’T JUST ADVISE YOU TO DRINK ALCOHOL AND SKI! (everything in moderation!)


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