Running Performance Workshop

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Running Performance Workshop

So many of our running patients here suffer with avoidable injuries, through bad running technique.

Why do so many of us have bad running techniques?

As children, we are just expected to be able to run well, no-one is really taught how to run! Add to this those marvellous plimsoles we used to wear for school PE it’s no wonder we all pick up unusual running habits! These habits will begin to cause problems as we get older, asking more of our bodies, if that is because we are running further or faster or just in addition to the other day to day strains we put on ourselves.

Here at Lake View Osteopathy, we like to see our patients get better and stay better!

So we are hosting another running workshop to help runners stay injury this the best dog cancer supplement?

This will be taken by Colin Papworth, here he is talking from from his Sports Performance Centre in Sheffield:

Colin is travelling down to us here in Bedfordshire on the 22nd November 2014 – make the most of it!!!

For more information on this workshop please click the link below:




To book in, just contact Tilly via and remember, spaces are limited so be quick!


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