Osteopathy isn't just for Lower Back Pain

I want you all to know Osteopathy is NOT just about backs.

So to enforce this I’m going to tell you about a few of last week’s patients – WITHOUT back pain!

Monday – Mr H, home from a week snow-boarding with stabbing pain in his left shoulder blade, a constant ache in his left forearm and complete numbness in his thumb.

Tuesday – Mr S, complaining of right hip pain radiating to the front of his thigh.

Wednesday – Mr L, who I am helping to rehabilitate following corrective surgery for an Achilles tendon rupture.

Thursday – Mr K, complaining of mid back pain, right knee pain and jaw pain! (All 3 fixed in just one session.)

And Friday – Mrs F, with tennis elbow which shouldn’t take long to heal if she does her exercises!

I need more people to know how brilliant Osteopathy is, so they don’t spend weeks on painkillers hoping the problem will vanish on its own.


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