What is Neutral Spine?

Do you struggle to find your Neutral Spine?

Neutral Spine is a commonly used phrase amongst pilates instructors and back specialists.

If you are struggling with a lower back problem you will probably be told that strengthening your core, (the muscular belt that supports your spine), will help your condition and prevent future problems.

As an osteopath, I use my pilates training to help my patients to strengthen their core alongside treatment. This means my patients recover quickly and prevent more back problems from arising in the future.

I start with the basics – finding Neutral Spine.

Neutral spine is the position in which you back is designed to be used – it is at it’s strongest in this position. In reality, very few of us actually hold ourselves here naturally. This is due to a number of reasons, namely poor posture in our school years, our most important phase of growing – but thats a whole other story, if you want to get more information about proper posture, check www.PostureSavvy.com

So how do you find Neutral Spine?

Lots of people struggle with this, if you’ve never had to think about it before you’ll probably have quite poor body awareness meaning you’ll find it difficult to tell what position your pelvis is in at all.

Here is a little exercise I give my patients to help them understand the movements of their pelvis and lower back.

Bucket Practise, (lying on your back), knees bent up, knees and feet hip distance apart.

Imagine your pelvis is the top rim of a bucket full of water. Tip the water out of the front of the bucket, (sticking your tail bone out behind you), then tip the water out of the back of the bucket, (tucking your tail bone under), as shown in the image to the right.

Mid point between the two extremes of an anterior pelvis tilt and a posterior pelvis tilt is your Neutral Spine.

Once you have mastered finding your neutral spine you will need to develop your core muscles in this position to help support you there, we recommend visiting the Spine Rehabilitation Center pembroke pines fl for further information.

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