Handbag problems!

What do you see in this picture? 

Handbag Problems1) flowers
2) candles
3) handbag
4) steps
5) a mulberry handbag I don’t yet have
6) ohhhh look at that bag – think of all the things I could fit in there… laptop, make-up, umbrella, jacket, spare shoes… kitchen sink!

If you answered 5 – you have a handbag problem and I can’t help you!

If you answered 6 – you also have a handbag problem, but hopefully I can help you!

Lifting and carrying is part of daily life, but poor habits can lead to arm, shoulder and neck pain and back injuries.

HANDBAGS – avoid always carrying your bag on the same side, SWAP SIDES REGULARLY and avoid carrying your bag on your forearm with a bent elbow. Check your bag for unnecessary items every time you go to leave – removing unnecessary items.

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LAPTOP BAGS – if you carry a laptop regularly, avoid using a shoulder bag, the best solution is to use a laptop rucksack over both shoulders to even the load, or better still a bag on wheels.

SHOPPING – try to even out the load of bags of shopping between each hand. Remember to carry your bags with STRAIGHT arms rather than hooking them on you forearm with a bent elbow.

SCHOOL BAGS – I am treating more and more school children with back pain – backpacks worn by children should be well designed and adjusted to be worn over both shoulders to balance out the weight distribution. This is so important while children are still growing, again make sure the bag gets checked for unnecessary items each day.

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