Vibration Plate

I have a new addition to the clinic to help rehabilitate patients and also to help boost performance in athletes – targeting weak, under performing muscle chains.

Despite it’s reputation for it’s fat and cellulite busting ability, the power plate also helps to build muscle quickly. It works works by causing your muscles to contract about 50times per second when you stand on it, combine this with specific exercises and the muscle will build up much faster, this is perfect for rahabilitation of atrophied muscles following injury.

The vibrations  have the added bonus of increasing circulation and lymphatic flow, reducing the build up of lactic acid and therefore post exercise stiffness. This increased circulation also aids healing as it draws fresh blood to a damaged area and takes toxic old blood away – helping the body’s own amazing healing process.

The Vibration plate also helps to stretch out and massage tight muscles that can be a route cause of many problems, including lower back pain.

Currently I am using the vibration plate within my treatment sessions but I hope to move the machine out of the clinic to make it accessible for both patients and golfers to use regularly.



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