• Travelled down from Cumbria to see Tilly about my shoulder, as always had a great treatment session and simple exercises to do at home. Once you find someone this good it’s worth travelling 250miles for!

    Anna Woodall

  • I met Krishna for the first time yesterday and I was very impressed with the treatment that she gave me. Before I saw her I had been getting pins and needles in my hand and pain in my neck at night. Last night I slept well and without pain and no recurrence of the numbness and pins and needles in my hand. I may need a follow up session next week but will see how I fare over the next few days.

    Gill F
  • Colin was very good in his analysis and recommendations for technique improvement to overcome deficiencies in my running.

    Justin Parker

  • If you’re in pain give Lakeview Osteopathy a call. They are friendly, caring and professional. I’ve always found the treatment effective & recommend them to all my friends.

    Faye Woods

  • Second time being seen by Krishna. Very friendly, out me at my ease. Feeling a bit tender today, but that should improve over the next few days. Highly recommended.

    Alison Tree

  • Krishna gives an excellent deep massage. My neck and shoulders were stiff and painful and she really helped to unknot my muscles. Highly recommended

    Gill Freedman
  • Krishna was as usual excellent she is very polite and certainly knows her job

    Ken B
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Professional friendly value for money Service, the consultation room is very relaxing, with added benefits of hassle free parking.

    Gillian Melia
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Tilly was very helpful, as usual. Has good insight and tailors her approach to my needs.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Krishna was just superb, very professional and only did the treatment necessary. On the road to a full recovery.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Krishna was very professional and personable. She provided an excellent service and relieved my neck and back pain very quickly. Very pleased with the whole experience and will definitely recommend and use again if needed…thank you

    Melanie M
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

     I always look forward to my visit to Lake View, I know I am going to home feeling a lot better than I arrived, I will be in for a good night’s sleep. Tilly is always clear about what and why she is treating, definitely recommended.

    Liz M
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    An professional attitude that inspired confidence impressed me very much. I was very happy to have Tilly treating me.

    Colin Porch
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Thanks for your magic again Tilly. My neck is back to full movement and no more pain since yesterday’s treatment. Back in fifth gear!

    Susan Goodwin
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Always a great service from both Tilly and Bethany, couldn’t recommend them enough.

    Doug Dawson
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I had my first session with Tilly and was really impressed. She’s extremely knowledgable and friendly. After a riding accident a year ago I’ve not been able to kneel. Tilly found the problem and after the session I could kneel again! Needless to say I’ve already booked my next session.

    Sophie P
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Krishna is a delight to be treated by. She gives the impression of quiet confidence and I left feeling reassured and looser in my back. Fab.

    Anne A
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Looking forward to my cycle trip now that Tilly has loosened me up!!

    Ann K
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I felt so much better after an appointment with Krishna. Actually went and played a couple of holes of golf afterwards and haven’t had to wear my neck collar for over 24 hours. Thank you Lake View Osteopathy.

    Chris G
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Simply the best! Third visit in four weeks for shoulder problem. Tilly is so lovely, friendly and professional, puts you totally at ease. Feeling much better today. Highly recommended. In fact half my family have been treated by Tilly 

    Alison Tree
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    A great experience every time I go, both Tilly and Bethany have their own brilliant way of treating people and it always leaves me feeling better afterwards.

    Becky Woodall
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Fabulous treatment from Tilly yesterday. Very professional and considerate. The treatment worked really well and the acupuncture helped too, feeling so much better today. It made a huge difference and I highly recommend Tilly for anyone needing osteopathy.

    Beth Maloney
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I’ve been seeing Tilly for several years and cannot recommend her highly enough. Whenever I manage to break myself – she fixes me again and if not my regular “MOT” keeps me in shape!

    Amanda Rawson
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I initially saw Tilly for shoulder pain over two years ago after a few treatments she referred me for steroid treatment which worked for short time, after attending a course on shoulder pain Tilly called me in for a new treatment, all I can say is it’s been life changing, I can work and exercise pain free for the first time in years. 
    Tilly is the ultimate professional and I would highly recommend Lake View Osteopathy

    Laura Smith
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Excellent treatment which worked wonders as usual for me. Great environment too. 100% recommend. As Tilly knows I should have seen her or Bethany years ago and now my quarterly treatments make a massive difference

    Nigel Crowe

  • “Go in hobbling come out walking, Tilly is great and so in tune with her clients, can’t rate her highly enough”

    Sharon Whitehead
  • ⭐⭐⭐

    Very impressed with Tilly’s experience and ability to identify the cause of my neck issues in one appointment. Having also had a sports massage at lakeview osteopathy I would certainly recommend them.

    Sarah W
  • Elizabeth Fuller, Testimonial following initial Osteopathy Treatment;

    “Wow, brilliant experience. Tilly made me feel welcome straight away. I was impressed with her knowledge and manner. She explained the problem with my upper back, neck, shoulder and arm and informed me in a kind and professional way of the best treatment plan for me and explained the probable cause of my discomfort, which was refreshing. My search for a good Osteopath (like the one I had over a decade ago) is finally ended and now whenever I have a MSK problem again I will always go to her. I felt completely safe and comfortable in her hands and importantly I trusted her. I literally felt the benefit as she worked and afterwards. I highly recommend her. Thank you Tilly for your help and courtesy. I will look forward to my next appointment to finally get limber and pain free again.”

    Elizabeth Fuller
  • Krishna was honest and upfront. She couldn’t do anything for me but instead of just taking the money and doing a bad job she told me.
    I was also glad for the reasons why and was then able to seek the correct treatment

    Julia A

  • Krishna Is lovely, friendly and very professional she demonstrates her knowledge and explains everything very clearly. I had already been seen by a specialist on the NHS, Krishna had a better understanding than this person she helped me understand what was causing the pain and gave me extra advice on how to do extra things to help at home. very impressed. will come back and will recommend thank you

    Sarah R
  • Satnam Jootle, Kempston

    Facebook Review:

    “After just a couple of sessions with Tilly my neck and back are in such better shape after years of neglect. I can’t rate Lake View and Tilly enough! She is professional, very friendly, and her extensive knowledge and passion really show during treatments. Tilly explains exactly what she’s doing throughout, brings about awareness and provides exercises too to help prevent regression. Thank you so much! Sat :)”


  • I have already booked my next appointment- wish I’d known about this years ago. Really good advice that should get me out running again. Very pleased!!

    Sarah A
  • Testimonial by Jean Morrison, following her first appointment with us:

    “I had never been to an Osteopath before.  I thought the session went very well, everything was explained in simple English.  Have been given exercises to do at home, and was even able to book my next session for after working hours.  Fantastic”

    Jean Morrison, Eaton Socon
  • Natalie Whitbread, Wyboston

    Testimonial left after initial Osteopathy treatment:

    “Friendly and professional definitely a returning very happy customer thank Tilly your a star “

    Natalie Whitbread, Wyboston
  • Fiona Wynde, Potton, Bedfordshire

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “A visit to Lake View takes the sting out of being injured. Tilly and her associates have always taken the time to understand both my injuries and my lifestyle, working to get me back running as soon and safely as possible. The atmosphere of the clinic is welcoming, relaxed and there’s the bonus of a coffee shop for post treatment refreshment!”

    Fiona Wynde, Potton
  • Once again Krishna performed her magic. I felt relaxed and certainly benefited.

    Christine Gleave
  • “Extremely happy – just wished I had booked in sooner! Really good, friendly and successful session, thanks!”

    Amy Benton, Bedfordshire
  • Michael Nagles, 4Networking

    “What a pro! I struggled with a bout of Tendinitis for weeks on the NHS before I asked Tilly to take a look. An exam, some advice, and the problem was solved. Truly professional and caring. Highly recommended!”

  • Craig Garner

    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    WOW!!!! Had my first treatment with Tilly today. After just one session I feel a million times better than I did when I first walked in. Tilly was very professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout.

  • Nick Strelczuk, Northants

    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    “Great professional service, Lake View have been looking after my back for 2 years now, almost eradicated any aches and pains during long distance cycle rides. Any quibbles have been sorted whether it be a bad ankle or a stiff neck! I’d happily recommend to others.”

  • Katie Strelczuk

    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    “Tilly keeps my riding old injuries in check, allowing me to ride, play hockey, swim etc. The tape works a treat post-treatment, and it is great to be sent away with pilates-type exercises to be working on between treatments.”

  • Tracy Parkin, Rushden

    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    Fantastic. It has really helped me with my back and leg. I would recommend Tilly,she is very good and makes you feel at ease. My pain is so much better now.

    Thanks Tilly. X

  • Nikki Watkins

    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    “I was a mess following years of falls from horses that I’d never had checked out. Having a desk bound day job that had caused me bad posture didn’t help either. After just two visits to Tilly I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel. I loved the acupuncture too, it really made a difference. Tilly is just brilliant, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

  • Pat Fairclouth, Perry

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “Both my husband and I have had need of an osteopath and I am so thankful I found Tilly. She is very diligent in getting to the core of your problems she did lots of research to help my husband who has very complex problems and cured my back pain. I would high recommend the practice.”

  • Carl Barbour, St Neots

    Google Review 

    “Tilly is very professional but with a very personal and charming manner. Fixed my shoulder problem and I will be back if I need an MOT.”

  • Ashley Jones, Houghton Conquest

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “I went to see Tilly at Lake View Osteopathy Clinic with a terribly sore back that had been troubling me for some time. After the first session i felt almost human again and after a couple more i have now forgotten all about the pains. Tilly displayed an extensive knowledge of the methods she employed and also sympathy and compassion towards my problem. I couldn’t recommend her and the team at Lake View enough!”

  • Melvyn Cox, St Neots

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “Well, l have to say,excellent service in a really nice location! Tilly and Eliot have been really good in sorting out my calf injuries, and Eliot’s sports massages are really relaxing. I have nothing but good things to say about this clinic, and it comes well recommended!”

  • Amanda Rawson, Spaldwick

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “First and foremost – Tilly fixes the things that go wrong with bodies…mine seems to like to let me down but a trip to Tilly puts it firmly back in its place!! The clinic is spotless and a relaxing atmosphere for treatment. A very professional practice which I highly recommend.”

  • Rachel Barnes, Northants

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “Tilly is an incredible osteopath, she is able to really help, I have previously only found people who are interested in making you visit them as often as possible, Tilly is not only lovely, but is also brilliant at “fixing you” , I find it is still good to go for a preventative treatment , but Tilly looks for the cause of your pain and ultimately makes you feel better. Thanks Tilly I would recommend you to anyone and everyone.”

  • Stuart Warwick, Potton

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “Lakeview osteopaths not only have a lovely location but their service is superb. I had a long term injury which Tilly really addressed and what was great was her whole body approach and not just looking at the injury alone. Highly recommended!”

  • Kay Walker, Sandy

    Google Review ★★★★★

    The fabulous team of Eilot & Tilly @ Lake View have put me back together after a fall from a horse and also from a skiing accident. Both were successful! I had been recommended to try Lake View by a friend and now I wouldn’t consider using anyone else. Both Tilly and Eilot are approachable and friendly whilst delivering excellent treatment and care. I particularly like how both explain what they are doing – sometimes patient care is definitely their focus. I’d like to say that I hope not to need to see them in the future but as I am more accident prone than Mr Bump from the Mister Men books, that’s unlikely! But I do know that when I need them, Lake View will be there to make me better again!

  • Jenny Hall, Kettering

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “Lake View Osteopathy is in a beautiful relaxing location, a pleasure to visit. Tilly did a very reassuring health check (good to know that I’m not falling apart yet) and gave me some great exercises to help with my intermittent backache, knock knees and bunions. She also wiggled my finger and, as if by magic, the swelling on the knuckle has gone down and there’s no more pain. Brilliant.”

  • Niel Manley, Buckden

    “I have suffered from a bad lower back and arthritis on and off for a number of years. When these flared up together recently, coupled with golfer’s elbow I finally got fed up of feeling like and playing to a 100 (not good for a 47 year old, 10 handicapper) and decided it was time to get some professional help. One of my golf buddies recommended I went to see Tilly and after the first session I knew I had made a great choice. Tilly is not only throughly professional but makes each treatment interesting by explaining the relevance to the various component parts of the golf swing. I must admit I did have some reservations about whether Tilly would have the necessary strength but let me reassure you some of this hurts – a lot! A number of our conversations have been through my gritted teeth – never has the phrase ‘no pain no gain’ been more appropriate!!! My golf swing never will be a thing of beauty but at least now it is pain free, I can fully flex my wrists and make a complete turn. As a result I am hitting the ball further and straighter than I have for some considerable time and no longer walk off the course at the end of a round bent double with numerous aches and pains. Even though I’m no longer suffering I’m having regular treatments to prevent recurrence. I know this all sounds like I’m on commission, but I’m paying the standard price per treatment like everyone else and can honestly say it’s money well spent, especially when you take into account how much I’m saving on deep-heat and neurofen!”

    Niel Manley, Buckden
  • Michael Williams, Bedford

    “Following a history of back problems I have seen a number of specialists to make day to day and recreational life easier. As a keen golfer time away from the golf course is painful, however, with two sessions of treatment at Lake View I have been able to return to golf within a week. Initially I made an appointment at Lake View for a neck problem of which was causing me discomfort and pain, I had rested from sport for two weeks with no recovery. After my first session of treatment I was able to carry out daily activities with no pain or discomfort, after my second session I was able to return to golf and running with no further pain or discomfort. Throughout the treatment I recieved a very professional and welcoming service in a modern and comfortable environment. The treatment is thorough and the information recieved was detailed. I would recommend anyone to visit Lake View and recieve beneficial treatment to make yourdaily life easier. Many Thanks Tilly.”

    Michael Williams, Bedford
  • Mervyn & Hazel Howe, Bedford

    “Excellent diagnosis and treatment for a damaged knee. Genuine service, with a smile and reassurance.”

    “Tilly gave me an excellent treatment on my damaged shoulder. After only 3 appointments I was well enough to play golf and tennis again.”

    Mervyn & Hazel Howe, Bedford
  • John & Rose Wadham, St Neots

    “Rosemary & I would like to express our thanks to Tilly for the help she has given both of us in being able to improve & enjoy our golf since our treatments earlier in the year. I must say that I was sceptical as to the amount of benefit Osteopathy would bring, after all, I was only suffering from was a stiff and sometimes painful lower back and neck. I didn’t realise how much this restricted my golf swing. Following 3 sessions over about 4 weeks my back and neck are so much better that I get no noticeable pain during or after playing golf. I’m now able to concentrate on playing the game and not being concerned with any injury issues. Rosemary my wife has had 7 sessions with Tilly, she used to have a great deal of pain & restriction of movement as a result of a broken arm, just below the shoulder 7 years ago. She also suffered from a very stiff neck.These restrictions over time caused Rose’s swing to change so that she couldn’t complete a shoulder turn and lost a great deal of distance as a result. Following Tilly’s treatment Rose is now able to swing much more freely and is really enjoying her golf again. Tilly’s approach is very pleasant and professional taking as much time as needed to understand your problems.”

    John & Rose Wadham, St Neots
  • Libby Langley, Kettering

    “I was having a lot of pain in my back and shoulder which led to terrible headaches. I visited Tilly and she worked her magic to release my shoulder and the associated tension. The osteopathy process is sometimes painful, but Tilly is incredibly caring and explained each stage of the treatment fully. I recommend her to anyone in any kind of discomfort.”

  • Faye Woods, Colmworth

    “Tilly is wonderful. I’ve had problems with my back since childhood and it is better now than it has ever been before. She also treated me for sinus problems following a cold and achieved great results. I have recommended her to others and they all say the same. Remember that Osteopaths don’t just treat bad backs and go see her – she will make a difference.”

    Faye Woods, Colmworth
  • Eppie Anderson, Thrapston

    “I went to Tilly when I had severe shoulder pain, which was a trapped nerve, and in just one session she sorted it out – and loosened my joints more than I could have thought possible, to the point where I can once again throw overarm! very professional and clearly expert, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Tilly.”as surprised by the speed and degree of improvement. I will recommend your services to anyone with aches and pains. To be honest, I think most people would probably benefit from an ‘osteopathy MOT’ before problems start. For me, it’s not a question of ‘can I afford to visit you’; it’s more ‘can I afford not to?’ I hope all this doesn’t sound too over-the-top – I’m just feeling so much better. Very many thanks.”

  • Jon Balaam, Sandy

    “Hi Tilly, I just wanted to let you know that the Marathon went well on Sunday – I knocked 4mins off my PB and didn’t experience anything other than a minor knee niggle in the first mile and tight calves in the last mile – and I seem to have recovered pretty well – am able to cope with stairs easily today! Thanks for your help, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it to the start line without you!”

    Jon Balaam, Sandy
  • Olly Watts, Sandy

    “Hi Tilly, THANK YOU! My marathon went well, I just beat 4 hr 30 mins, which was the target for an off-road event with a few hills. Feeling rather stiff now, had a massage after finishing; will see how it goes and then probably book a session if still needed ….. I really don’t think I’d have even got to the start without your help – so again, a huge thanks. Cheers, Olly.”

    Olly Watts, Sandy
  • Gill Fullen, Thurleigh

    “So Tilly, I’m not sure how you did it (apart from with needles, thumper, tape and very strong thumbs), but my injured achilles stood up to some serious speed work running yesterday without a murmur. Miracles do happen! Wish the other leg would stop getting so jealous of all the attention it’s missing though! Thanks again Tilly, I certainly wouldn’t be competing this weekend without you.”

    Gill Fullen, Thurleigh
  • Alison Tree, Bedford

    “Tilly is absolutely brilliant.  Got me moving without pain after 4 weeks of agony!  Thank you Tilly :-)”

  • Chris Ness, St Neots

    “Tilly’s skilful manipulation of my shoulder has allowed me to continue working, highly  recommended”

    Chris Ness, St Neots
  • Bob Smith, Keysoe

    “I thoroughly recommed Tilly to help cure your aches and pains. She understands the body and how to apply the most appropriate treatment.”

    Bob Smith, Keysoe
  • Lynne Pocock, Higham Ferrers

    “Tilly is great. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done and has fun while doing it.”

    Lynne Pocock, Higham Ferrers
  • Barbara Stewart, Little Staughton

    “I am very happy with Tilly.  She was recommended to me and I have also recommended her to others. When I first visited her I was in a lot of pain and only this morning I was thinking how well and pain free I’m feeling.”

    Barbara Stewart, Little Staughton
  • Susan Goodwin, Bedford

    “Tilly is very keen to get to the cause of the presenting problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms. She is very thorough in her treatments and has a real interest in the well beingof her patients, and brings excellent results. She has recently collaborated with a pilates coach, who conducts a regular weekly lesson, where we can improve our flexibility and strength and see continued progression.”

  • Hazel Howe, Bedford

    “Tilly took great care with my treatment. She analysed that the pains in my leg were caused by other parts of the body. I am now feeling very well.”

    Hazel Howe, Bedford
  • Melanie Barnes, St Neots

    “Tilly is always professional and makes you feel very much at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending her”

    Melanie Barnes, St Neots
  • Pippa Ellis, St Neots

    “Tilly is very knowledgeable and explains what she is doing and why.  She listens well and takes on board what you say.  She has even visited me at my home when I could not drive – she made me feel much more comfortable.”

    Pippa Ellis, St Neots
  • Ro Heming, Keysoe

    “Efficient, calm and friendly in a relaxing atmosphere.”

    Ro Heming, Keysoe
  • Karen Aspinall, Bedford

    “I went to Tilly after I had a bad fall with my horse.  I hadn’t ever been to an Osteopath before but Tilly made me feel comfortable and explained everything she was doing and what was going on in my body in response to the injury.  I could really feel the difference after each treatment.  The treatments helped me to repair quickly and correctly, without any long lasting issues.  Tilly’s knowledge of riding also meant she fully understood the strength and flexibility I needed to regain to be able to ride
    again.  If I ever have the need again I’ll be going straight back to Tilly!

    Karen Aspinall, Bedford
  • Rachel Barnes, Northants

    Tilly has enabled me to continue in my work and personal  life, at a time when if I hadn’t been visiting her for treatments I am sure I would have been unable to function on either level, she is kind , she listens, she is gentle if you are worried about pain and hugely caring about your progress. I really can’t recommend Tilly enough, she finds the route cause of you pain and then treats it, don’t hesitate to give her a try, I know you will be pleased you have. Thank you Tilly, so much for your help in the last year and particularly in the last three months.”

  • Julia Dunball, Kimbolton

    “Tilly puts a lot of thought into your treatment and if need be will ask you to seek medical advice. Very caring, thoughtful and careful with you if you are in pain. She does not ask you to book in again if she feels you don’t need to. Very Genuine.”

    Julia Dunball, Kimbolton
  • Dan Hickman, Sandy

    “Great service, unbelievable progress after only a few visits. I have been suffering for years with low back pain. Great relief.”

    Dan Hickman, Sandy
  • Gill Fullen, Thurleigh

    “Tilly has always treated me with patience and genuine concern, even with the ridiculous amount of training I put my body through, she has always sought to find a cause of any problem, to the extent of learning new techniques, and I truly could not function without her treatments.”

    Gill Fullen, Thurleigh
  • Google Review

    Christine Gleave, Bedford

    “Very caring and knowledgable, Tilly always follows up her treatments even if it was the last one for her patients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, am always extremely satisfied.”

  • Stacey Munsen, Grand Prix Dressage rider

    “I have been a patient of Tilly’s for a few years now and without her it would not be possible for me to ride at the top level.
    I’ve always suffered from a bad back but struggled to find anyone who could help me. Tilly assesses and treats me as needed every time I visit her. She is extremely professional and I trust her 100%. I always leave feeling reassured that I will be in tip top shape, something that is so important in my sport.
    Tilly’s riding experience gives her the extra knowledge of my injury and the importance of recovery. She always gives me extra help with stretches that I do at home to prevent further injury.
    I can not recommend her enough, anyone who visits her will be truly impressed!!”

    Stacey Munsen, Grand Prix Dressage rider
  • Kit Hore, Bedford

    “So after no pole for a few months, I went back last night and managed to do a move I have REALLY struggled to do, basically because i could never find my balance…

    The move involves going upside down, gripping with your inside left elbow & right hand, then move your body away fromthe pole, AND lower your legs in a open v shape (this is where i could never balance, and my legs would waiver up & down & from side to side) Now my pelvis is straight I can do it!!! So thanks again!”

    Kit Hore, Bedford
  • Nick Strelczuk, Northants

    “Hey Tilly, I successfully competed the 90 mile ride yesterday at Silverstone! Ankles were great with no pains, your treatment, advice and stretches worked like magic! Back survived as well, although a small bit of pain, but a lot better than last time! Thank you for your help.”

    Nick Strelczuk, Northants
  • Jon Balaam, Sandy

    Email following treatment: “Hi Tilly, Just thought you’d like to know that I estimate a 90% improvement in my knee and ankle this morning! I have been going up and down stairs just because I can!”

    Google Review ★★★★★

    “I had a series of treatments from Tilly when I picked up an injury prior to the London Marathon – I thought I wasn’t going to be able to race and that I’d be told not to, but Tilly was able to repair the damage and also gave me the reassurance that I wasn’t going to do lasting damage. I have complete confidence in Tilly because she gets to the root of the problem and doesn’t just paper over the cracks.”

  • Mark Walpole, Biggleswade

    “You’ve worked wonders! Neck feels great today – I feel a new man!”

    Mark Walpole, Biggleswade
  • Kim Parry, Kettering

    Google Review ★★★★★

    I went to Tilly for a MOT on my back and I can’t rate her highly enough. Fantastic service and beautiful setting. Tilly really does know how to fix people!”

  • Phil Adamson, Ampthill

    “Hi Tilly – I meant to email earlier just to say Eliot did a top job  on my stomach muscles a few weeks ago. Your wait to get the right person was obviously worth it.”

    Phil Adamson, Ampthill
  • Julie Vesely, (Tilly’s Mum!)

    Osteopathy is my substitute for paracetamol as I haven’t needed to take any for a headache since Tilly has been qualified”

  • Rachel Barnes, Aldwinkle Northants

    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    “Tilly is an amazing osteopath. She really gets to the route of your pain and sorts it out for you, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Not only are her treatments effective , Tilly is very professional and lovely!”

  • Helen Dawson, Thrapston

    “Osteopathy to me is freedom from pain. Having spent over 15 years trying all sort of wild and wacky treatments, finding osteopathy meant a fuller life and able to do loads more things!!”

  • Vanessa Ainsworth, Corby

    “Osteopathy at Lake View is a great way of getting many problems sorted out. Not only does it sort the structural stuff like your spine, but the additional extras such as acupuncture and ‘Tilly Tape’ help with soft tissue problems as well. Nothing is done in isolation, with a whole body attitude being taken into consideration. I’ve avoided surgery through my treatment and cannot praise the professionalism enough.”

    Vanessa Ainsworth, Corby
  • Clare Crampton, Kettering
    Facebook Review ★★★★★

    “Today I had my first osteopath treatment with Tilly. Tilly was extremely professional and put me completely at ease before, during and after my treatment. My back movement now feels loser and I can honestly say I already feel the benefits. Tilly provided sound advice and showed me exercises that I can do at home to continue my treatment. Fantastic, I would whole heartedly recommend Lake View Osteopathy Clinic.”

  • Bridget Gilmour, Irthlingborough

    Via Twitter: “Once you know how it feels when it’s right, you won’t want to be in pain again. Tilly can help…”

  • Matt Lewzey, Ampthill

    “Hi Tilly & Eliot, just a quick email to say thanks for seeing me at late notice before the Outlaw last friday. I’m certain it helped me get to the finishing line in 12hrs44mins. Thanks again, Matt”

    Matt Lewzey, Ampthill
  • Tracey Robertson, Bedford
    Facebook Review ★★★★★
    “Fantastic. It has really helped me with my back and leg. I would recommend Tilly, she is very good and makes you feel at ease. My pain is so much better now. Thanks Tilly. X”

  • Nigel Crowe, Bedford

    Daughter (24yrs old) – Dad conversation:

    “Dad – I wish you had sent me to see Tilly earlier!  Orthotics when I was little. 2 Achilles Tendon operations when I was older. I have a few sessions with Tilly and things are sooooooo much better!”

    What can I say? Thank you Tilly  – you should be chuffed at how you fix people :)

  • Team Red Gate, Thurleigh Bedford

    “We are a small group of equestrian friends who work together as a team to make sure all our horses are cared for and exercised, covering all duties whenever anyone is busy working at their full time job or, as in a lot of cases with equestrian people, injured or struggling with some form of horse-related discomfort!  Thankfully we have the support of Lake View Osteophathy Clinic who manage our aches and creaks, covering our issues with necks, backs, shoulders, elbows, ankles … basically you name it, they fix it!  We don’t just book an appointment when we are broken, but we try to have appointments as soon as we feel signs so issues are caught before they ‘break’ again. Can’t thank them enough for keeping us able to enjoy our hobby.”

    Team Red Gate, Thurleigh Bedford