Krishna Specialises in Taekwondo Injuries

Are you having difficulty to generate enough flexibility and power for an effective kick, punch or block? Or know anyone that keeps incurring repetitive taekwondo injuries struggling to get back into the martial arts or any other form of sport?

Krishna understands!

“Being a taekwondo student since the age of 11, I understand the importance of balance and flexibility in achieving an effective kick and the ability to generate enough power for an effective punch or block. Due to postural weaknesses, some of the main stability muscles in the hips, legs, shoulder girdle and arms may weaken.”

Krishna can work in partnership with you on the areas that you are struggling with;

  • punch and kick power
  • balance while throwing multiple kicks
  • repetitive injuries


A postural assessment will help to identify any postural weaknesses you may have, any muscles that have weakened over time or those that have become ‘tight.’ With the help of massage, mobilisations, joint manipulations and acupuncture, I can help you to improve these imbalances and help with your performance or return back to your martial arts or sport.

Stay supple

We can also offer sports massages for you before and after a tournament to help keep you muscles supple.