Like adults, babies and children can also suffer with general muscle and joint pain. In Babies, two common reasons for these difficulties include:

  • The babies position Inter-uterine, which may lead to some of their joints being slightly more compressed than others.
  • If there has been a difficult birth process, especially if forceps or a ventouse are used, sometimes the child’s neck may get a little strained. 

Osteopathic care is catered around the individual needs of the patients, and therefore it has been found that quite often parents will also take their children to visit an osteopath for a variety of other health reasons which may benefit from osteopathic care. 

The child’s requirement can change according to their age and the stage of their development. Depending on the age of the child the treatment given to the child and the advice given to the parents is adapted accordingly.

What to Expect in your first appointment?

On arrival a full case history of the patient’s presenting symptom(s) will be taken; for babies and young children this will also include history of the pregnancy and the birth. 

Following the recording of case history, a thorough examination will be performed to determine if osteopathic treatment will be effective in caring for the patient’s condition. After examination the results will be discussed with the parents, and only after a full informed, verbal consent is any treatment given. 

The treatment given involves a range of very gentle hands-on techniques which are aimed at releasing any tension which can help improve the mobility of the joints involved with the aim to improve generalised functioning of the area of concern and the body as a whole.

Krishna has completed her Award in Paediatric Osteopathy from the Osteopathic centre for Children and therefore is trained in assessing and treating very young children including new-borns.

96% of osteopathic patients expressed confidence in osteopathic treatment and advice (You Gov Public Perceptions survey 2015)

93.2% of osteopathic patients felt that their experience of osteopathy was very good (Patient Reported Outcome Measures adult data, 2017)

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