Running Workshop

*RUNNERS* you’ll be pleased to know that Colin Papworth is taking another Running Workshop on 15th-16th March. Those of you who attended last year I’m sure will snap this up! As you can see it will be an action packed weekend that will teach you how to run in good form.
For more info or to express an interest please email:
Colin Papworth: 
Location: Hope Sports Club, Castleton Road, Hope, Derbyshire. S33
Overnight accommodation: Four Seasons B&B, Castleton (A reduced rate may be negotiated depending on numbers, there are a number of other B&B’s nearby, feel free to arrange you own accommodation, or we can do it for you!)
For those of you who didn’t make last year’s event here is a snippet of what we have in-store for you:
Meet at the Sports Club at 11.00am for coffee and cakes. Introductions and to find out what everyone wants to get from the weekend. Explain the plan for the weekend and address any concerns or questions about what is going to happen.
Get changed and sorted into test shoes that we have for the weekend.
Commence run assessment – this will involve warm up running around the sports field and then into two marked areas where the runners will be recorded from both rear and side views.
Video analysis and Core stability assessment and exercises

  • The group will split into two. Half will go through the video files as a small group and half will undertake core stability assessments and exercises.
  • The video analysis will consist of looking at running form and discussion on where we feel improvements can be made. During this session drinks can be made and own lunch can be eaten.
  • The core stability session will consist of group exercises to show how to engage core muscles and keep these activated whilst running.
Groups change over
Break and review of proceedings so far – a chance for food and drinks
Run technique session in sports field
  • This will consist of a drill session focusing on drills that are designed to alter movement patterns to encourage good movement patterns.
  • This will involve running only short distances on flat ground but doing many repeats.
  • This session will be videoed as much as possible.
  • There will be a chance to run in good form utilising the movement patterns we have been practicing.
The opportunity to either head to the accommodation and get settled in or go for a run up a local hill. This will involve running from the sports field and heading up Lose Hill. This is a distance of  3km to the summit and a vertical climb of just over 300m. We shall take it easy and concentrate on technique. How far we get will depend on the group and daylight / weather conditions. From the summit or high point we shall return to the sports field – this may be a different route to the climb. Again technique will be focused on.
—> Head to accommodation.
Shower / change / Relax / Snacks / Drinks
Meet in B&B for presentation of video files from the day, recap, Q&A session.
Directions and plan for Sunday discussed – this run will be on easy trails mostly but will include some hills and maybe open moorland. This will depend on the group and weather conditions. We have a wide range routes over a variety of terrain very close to us that we can utilise.
Evening in Castleton’s many pubs and / or restaurant for food and drinks. See the links on the B&B website for a good review.
SundayBreakfast at B&B
10.00 Meet at start
Run 2-3 hrs easy running over varied terrain (you will need to bring your own food / drinks / suitable clothing for the conditions for the run)
Recap, hand back shoes and summary.
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