The Perfect Pillow

The Perfect Pillow

If you read my Autumn newsletter, you’ll know we have a new product in the clinic –

Perfect Pillow 1The Goldilocks Pillow, not too big, not too small – The Perfect Pillow to fit you!

The theory of the Goldilocks Pillow follows what I tell my patients on a day to day basis. Your pillow needs the fill the gap between your ear and your shoulder so that you neck remains in it’s neutral position when you lie on your side. This prevents the neck from “kinking” upwards or downwards if your pillow is too big or too small respectively. If you have been using pillows to lay next to your toddler so they don’t roll out of bed then get bed rails for toddlers. Which are a lot more safer then pillows, and there is also this spinaleze sleeping pillow which help people with sleeping problems.

We all have different clothes sizes and shoe sizes because we are all built differently. Your pillow should be treated the same way.

The Goldilocks Pillow system allows me to measure my patients and allocate them a pillow size between 1 and 5.

I’m confident this will help my neck and shoulder pain patients to stay pain free once we’ve “fixed” them in the clinic.

perfect pillow 2However, I do like to try my products out first, to make sure they are right for my patients!

My pillow, size 2 (out of 5), arrived yesterday, so I’m giving it a go tonight! I moved my toddler out of my bed into his own bed and got him bed rails for toddlers, so I don’t have to worry about him falling out. So I’ve decided to trial the pillow for at least 4 nights before I can truly recommend them to my patients, here at Lake View Osteopathy.

So here goes, I’m swapping my double layered duck down pillows for this Goldilocks size 2!

Watch this space!

Pillow update: 
Night 1 – felt odd as I first got into bed – not as high or “sqidgey” as my double layered duck down pillows. 
As I drifted off I felt much more supported as the pillow tucked right into the space between my neck and shoulder.
I did sleep better as I have been waking quite a lot. When I did wake it was easier to drift off again.
I can’t say I love it yet but its definitely more supportive than the duck down and it’s still early days….

Night 2 – so tired I fell straight to sleep! Didn’t miss the duck down this time as didn’t stay up reading. Only woke once, briefly. Neck wasn’t sore in the morning. So far things are looking good…. 2 more nights! Let’s hope I sleep all the way through tonight!

Night 3 – only woke once again (dog barking!!). Absolutely no pain in neck looking over my shoulder in the morning.
Very happy.

Night 4 – I slept like a log last night, didn’t wake once.
Loving this pillow! I think they finally have the “Tilly seal of approval” !!

 Want to get measured for your Perfect Pillow?

You don’t have to be a patient of Lake View to get measured, just call us (07530860800) or email (, and we’ll sort out a time that you can pop in to get measured. We’ll then get your perfect pillow ordered. They usually arrive at the clinic within 2 days.

How much are they?

These pillows are only £50, which in my opinion is a great price.

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