I LOVE osteopathy!

shoulderI just gotta say: I LOVE OSTEOPATHY – what a great job I have!

Yesterday I got a text from one of my patients, for sake of “story telling” we’ll call her Mrs Smith, I knew instantly that she was in tremendous pain. Luckily, the night before I’d had a last minute cancellation and I hadn’t had a chance to fill the space!

When Mrs Smith walked into Lake View I could see she was in agony, arm clenched to her torso, shivering and pale I was rather worried about her to say the least!

I did a number of tests and assured myself that nothing was broken and I attempted to ease her pain.

With the help of some acupuncture needles, massage, cranial osteopathy and stretches, Mrs Smith was able to stand straighter, raise her arm and get dressed far easier than when she had walked in half an hour before.

Because Mrs Smith was in so much pain, I explained that the pain was unlikely to resolve after just one session.

We laughed at what she thought I could have done in just 15 minutes as she had suggested in her text that morning! To which she said “just anything, absolutely anything to reduce this pain!!!” I exclaimed, “well, if I had my magic wand I certainly wouldn’t be in sunny Colmworth – but in the Bahamas!!”

Just look at the message I received this morning!

I love it! I just love helping people!

So no – I probably wouldn’t be in the Bahamas if I had a magic wand, well I probably would be for some of the year, but I’d also be here, in Colmworth, fixing people too 🙂

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