Looking after a Golf Course is like looking after your body!

Wow! Healthy Greens – Healthy Body

Just been talking to one of the golfers with Mum (Julie) at Colmworth Golf Club.

Healthy Greens

The customer was commenting of how well the golf course’s greens are holding up with all this rain, as most other course’s are becoming diseased.

Mum began to explain why;

“Here at Colmworth we use a system called Symbio, which involves us brewing ‘Compost Teas’ which are then fed to our greens. These brews contain specially selected soil bacteria and fungi, and the organisms found in healthy soil to help grow grass naturally.”

One of the causes of disease in greens is thatch – Thatch is a layer of dead turf material formed when new growth exceeds the decomposition of dead matter. This then forms a layer, inhibiting good drainage and root growth.

“The organisms in our brews eat away at the thatch in the greens, (where most greenkeepers have to use machinery to cut it out – weakening the roots).

In return the organisms produce waste – fertilising the roots naturally, (where other courses will have to apply non-organic fertilisers with high levels of nitrates in a salt based form, this salt eventually ‘kills’ the soil).”

Healthy Body

OK… so what has this got to do with looking after your body?

She continued:

“So it’s a bit like looking after your body really –

– Get a problem and fill yourself with drugs to hide the problem, your problem will either get worse or you will need more drugs to combat the ill effects of the first one. Discover accessories you are going to need, Womens Golf Shoes.


– Get a problem, find the cause and give your body what it needs to sort itself out – like good nutrition and exercise. Sometimes you need a bit of help from therapists like osteopaths, nutritionists, councellors and personal trainers to get rid of any barriers to health that exist in your individual lifestyle.”

She is SO right! If you have a problem there is ALWAYS a cause, to find health you MUST get rid of the problem!

Afterall Mums are ALWAYS right… aren’t they?!

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