Here at Lake View Osteopathy Clinic we assess your foot biomechanics and can prescribe custom orthotics (arch supports).

“WHY?” I hear you cry! Well…. abnormal foot mechanics, (and there are a number of ways a foot can be “abnormal”), can cause many many problems, these can be as simple as foot and heel pain, up to knee, hip, lower back and even neck pain!

Yes!!! Just think about it – you should be walking over 10,000 steps in a day. With every step your foot makes contact with the ground and sends forces up to the rest of your body. A mis placed TWIST or FLOP of your foot can cause unnecessary torsion through your lower limb, pelvis and back.
Sort the foot – sort the problem!

Simples 🙂

It isn’t just FLAT feet that are the problem, people with arches that look really high can be problematic and even people who’s arches look “normal” can be too!

There are many variables which is why it is important that you get orthotics to suit your foot type.

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