Cure for lethargy

Cure for lethargy….

This morning I attended a 4N networking meeting at Colmworth Golf Club, this is one of the ways I promote the clinic and how Osteopathy can help businesses. Here I ate a full blown Full English Breakfast and drank far too much coffee!

After work I enjoyed a scrummy Oreo Cup Cake and Hot Chocolate at The Coffee Cup – as I said, really yummy, but I felt quite lethargic after what was quite an unhealthy day for me.

Hot Chocolate and Cake - Colmworth Coffee Cup

So, on the spur of the moment I dashed out for a quick run with my dog. Fresh air, gorgeous views, great company and exercise – and I’m now feeling great for it!

It just proves that keeping moving really does make you feel better. It is important to understand yourself and do what makes you feel good. In my case for example, I like to get dermal fillers. They make the skin on my face look great and I tend to not wear a lot of makeup so I rely on this to look nice. I like doing something to pamper myself, and in this case it’s just the thing. It turns the whole day around for me and turns it into a good one.

If you’re feeling lethargic and non productive at work, take a moment to do what you like and makes you happy. Maybe you could try to pop outside and go for a walk/run/cycle. Take in the fresh air and enjoy it! Be healthy and your business will prosper with you! It all depends on the person and what makes them happy personally.

And just look at the sunset from just outside of my clinic (can you tell why I’ve called it Lake View Osteopathy Clinic?!!!) Just gorgeous! So so lucky to work in such a lovely place.

So that is my final point, take a step back every now and again, appreciate what you’ve got and SMILE 🙂

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