Last week we asked for your own, personal, definition of Osteopathy for your chance to win a free treatment.

I’m pleased to announce that the winner is:

Vanessa Ainsworth with:

Osteopathy at Lake View is a great way of getting many problems sorted out. Not only does it sort the structural stuff like your spine, but the additional extras such as acupuncture and ‘Tilly Tape’ help with soft tissue problems as well. Nothing is done in isolation, with a whole body attitude being taken into consideration. I’ve avoided surgery through my treatment and cannot praise the professionalism enough.

Not forgetting my favourite runners up!

Helen Davis: Osteopathy to me is freedom from pain. Having spent over 15 years trying all sort of wild and wacky treatments, finding osteopathy meant a fuller life and able to do loads more things!!

Julie Vesely: (Yes, that’s my Mum!) Osteopathy is my substitute for paracetamol as I haven’t needed to take any for a headache since Tilly has been qualified.

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