Bedfordshire Triathlete

Gill Fullen - Bedfordshire Triathlete

Bedfordshire Triathlete Gill Fullen is sponsored by Lake View Osteopathy and we couldn’t be more proud!

Gill competed in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii again this year. Tilly was extremely excited this time around as Gill was in her best form yet! No niggles, no twinges, no aches.

Gill has really focused on sorting out her running form this year, targeting any weaknesses and really streamlining her technique – and boy can you tell! No injuries to contend with and smashing out great run times throughout the season.

Saturday 11th October 2014 – the big day had arrived!

The Swim, Gill’s time 1:17:26

Ironman World Championships - SwimIf swimming 2.4miles isn’t enough for you, try out the “Waikiki Roughwater” swim: 2.4mile, open water swim, waves, currents and just add a few other athletes all fighting to get to the front to get a taste of what this must have been like! One of the primary supporters of this triathlon is and is widely used by athletes to get the best gear for their swim. The competition there although may seem fun, but in reality, is quite fierce and not to be taken lively at any cost.

What Gill had to say after the race:

“I took it relatively easy for the first half then pushed on the way back, just as it got really wavy & choppy – wasted effort, I couldn’t see the girl in front of me, tough conditions. Need you now Tilly, my body will definitely be complaining in the morning”

The Cycle, Gill’s time 6:19:02

gill bike

112 miles of the “Around-O’ahu Bike Race” – Blazing sunshine, endless tarmac and cross winds

What Gill had to say after the race:

“I was really strong on the bike, especially into the wind and dealing with the hideous cross winds, way better than last time, even though that road still seems endless, however a recurring problem with my back tyre meant I stopped four times to deal with it in different ways, none entirely successful, as I resigned myself to riding on a half flat tyre pretty much all the way, I kept re-passing all the people I’d gone past before, so frustrating!”

The Run, Gill’s time 3:30:49

run gillAdd to the mix the final phase – a measly 26.2-mile “Honolulu Marathon”! And boy did she do well! In a phenomenal time of 3:30:49 she put the traumas of the bike behind her and stormed into 5th place!

What Gill had to say after the race:

I had plenty of time to make up when it came to the run and it felt really easy most of the way. Pace dropped on long hills, but fuelled by coke and ice I finally managed the 3.30 split I always knew I could do, so chuffed to have done it here. Without bike issues I reckon i’d have placed near the top of the tree, but that’s racing.”

The Podium, Gill’s total time 11:13:31

ironman world champs podium

ironman finish hawaiiWell done Gill! I’m so proud of you!!!! Go and enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii!






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