Krishna Specialises in Dance Injuries

Osteopathy can help you maintain the flexibility and strength a dancer needs, whether that is for a performance, competition or regular classes. Overtime you may notice that you are experiencing repetitive dance injuries, which is making it difficult for you to show your true potential in dance.

Being trained in classical Indian dance as well as having a keen interest in other forms of dance, I can understand the importance for a dancer to be in their best possible form during classes and during a performance.

How can I help you?

Improve your Balance

There are many stances or holds in dance that require you to balance on one leg, your hands, on point or demi-point. You may notice that you are losing your balance easily and this can be due to weakening of certain core, gluteal, leg or shoulder muscles.

Postural examination and muscle power testing will help to identify your areas of weakness. With a mixture of Osteopathic treatment and prescription of exercises we can help you on your way to improving your balance*.

*please note – poor balance can be caused by a number of conditions. Most commonly, those listed above can be helped with osteopathy and exercise. However, other medical conditions such as vestibular and neurological problems will need to be managed by your GP. As with all osteopathy appointments we will need to take a detailed medical history to ensure that it osteopathy is appropriate for you. If we feel you need another medical professional we will always advise you of this.

Improve your Flexibility

Sometimes with overuse, muscles may lose their pliability. With soft tissue mobilisation, joint manipulations, muscle energy techniques and medical acupuncture, the flexibility of your muscles may be improved.

Prevent repetitive injuries

Daily activities may lead to postural weaknesses that may cause you repetitive injury. Through a postural examination, these areas of weakness can be identified and with a tailored treatment plan, we can reduce the chances of any further injuries occurring.

Performance Preparation 

To ensure your muscles are supple for your performance or completion we can offer you regular or one off Sports massages.