The Goldilocks Pillow, not too big, not too small – The Perfect Pillow to fit you!

pillow-reviewThe theory of the Goldilocks Pillow follows what I tell my patients on a day to day basis. Your pillow needs the fill the gap between your ear and your shoulder so that you neck remains in it’s neutral position when you lie on your side. This prevents the neck from “kinking” upwards or downwards if your pillow is too big or too small respectively.

We all have different clothes sizes and shoe sizes because we are all built differently. Your pillow should be treated the same way.

The Goldilocks Pillow system allows me to measure my patients and allocate them a pillow size between 1 and 5.

Before I recommend anything to my patients, I like to know that they work. For this reason I trialled the Goldilocks pillow system and I now LOVE them! They definitely have the Tilly tick of approval!

If you want to see how I got on with my trial please click HERE.

How much are they?

These pillows are only £52.50, which in my opinion is a great price. Remember, this pillow will be measured to be the right depth for you – so you only need one!

Postage is £8 if you would like it delivered to your door, but if you’d rather save some money – we can wait for a bulk order and share postage amongst others.


Here’s just one of the great testimonials I have received about them:

Amazing, fantastic!  Did I really say that about a pillow?!  It cradles and supports your head, and allows your neck to totally relax, and across shoulders  and down your back. It is totally different from an ordinary pillow, a bit like your head supported when floating in water, but more so (and not as wet).  So I think with a little time, it will really help my neck and shoulders to be more supple.
Really, really good, huge thanks!

It can take a few days to get used to your new pillow, please have a read of Tilly’s trial (link above).

Want to get measured for your Goldilocks Pillow?

You don’t have to be a patient of Lake View to get measured, you can book a short 10 minute meeting with Tilly where she can show you a sample pillow, explain how it works and measure you for your perfect pillow.

It is important to remember that a pillow alone is unlikely to cure any neck problems – its often just one piece of a jigsaw towards your recovery.

You can book this online, call us (07530860800) or email (, and we’ll sort out a time that you can pop in to get measured.

We’ll then get your Goldilocks pillow ordered. They usually arrive at the clinic within 2 days.