Podiatry with Colin Papworth

Colin is a fantastic podiatrist based in Sheffield. Tilly regularly refers to Colin and arranges Running Workshops with him for those that don’t have time to visit his clinic in Sheffield. We are now fortunate enough to welcome Colin to Lake View on a once monthly basis. We have opened up availability with Colin on our online calendar, next due on Wednesday 7th November and Wednesday 12th December.

Read more about Colin HERE

Treatment Options


  • £50, 30-45 mins, Injury Assessment, Biomechanical assessment, Treatment, Ongoing plan
  • Ideal for those with foot or lower leg pain when either active or at rest.
  • This can also be useful for those with upper body problems that are being caused by the way you are walking, something either Tilly or Krishna may have discussed with you.
  • Assessment will diagnose what structures are injured, why this happened and we will discuss possible treatment options.
  • Treatment will be started as well as advice for managing your problem

Running Gait Retraining

£50, 60 mins, Walking and running gait analysis, Exercises, Drills, Ongoing plan

  • This can be done as a stand alone service or added onto the basic assessment when we feel ready to move onto this stage of rehabilitation.
  • You are videoed on treadmill or outside and then this is discussed and we look at how to make the changes that we feel are required.
  • This will include specific exercises and running drills.
  • Video feedback is used to show you how you are running and how to make the changes required.

Running Intro

£90, 60-90 mins, Injury Assessment, Biomechanics assessment, Video running assessment, Treatment, Exercises, Ongoing plan

  • For diagnosis of injuries that are due to running or coming on when running. Can be foot, leg or upper body pains / discomfort.
  • Assessment will diagnose what is injured in the foot or leg and why you are getting the problems. For other body pains we try to identify which movements are causing the problem. We then work out how to change the movement or decrease the damaging load that is being placed on the structure and leading to the pain.
  • Treatments will include mobiliations of feet and ankles, exercises for strength and also movement pattern changes.
  • We look at your running technique and look at how you can change safely.
  • We may also use orthoses (insoles) to help in the short or long term.

Running Performance

£120, 2 hrs, Injury assessment (if required), Biomechanics assessment, Video running assessment, Treatment, Exercises, Running drills, Ongoing plan

  • Same as our “Running Intro” but with more emphasis and time spent on the running technique changes.
  • This will include introducing running drills to help change the movements.
  • This can also be used to help with your running performance – to improve endurance or with faster running.

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