Podfo 3D printed orthotics

Support | Hygienic | Bespoke | Durable | Comfortable | Seamless Structure


Podfo combines innovative technology and biomechanical expertise to produce high quality, bespoke biometric insoles that are designed to meet individual needs.

Podfo is a bespoke biometric insole that is inserted into your shoe and when used as part of a medically recommended treatment plan, can provide improved comfort, enhanced performance and corrective foot control while supporting natural movement.


Here’s what to expect when you see a qualified and medically trained podiatrist or physiotherapist.

Your consultation will involve soft tissue analysis and a gait analysis to identify any biomechanical abnormalities in the way you walk or run. The gait analysis will look at your joints and bone movement whilst you walk and will allow your podiatrist/physiotherapist to assess your individual requirements.

A precise scan, imprint or cast is taken of the foot and this data is used, in combination with your assessment, to ensure that the insole is bespoke to your individual prescription as well as your plantar surface and can fully meets your needs.

Your Podfo can provide corrective foot control while supporting natural movement, allowing you to be more active.


Your Podfo features intricate designs and complex geometries. Made using our exclusive GHOST technology (Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology), Podfo offers varying flexibility during gait, influencing the force and centre of pressure with the wearer’s movement. This allows you to embrace natural movement with full foot support.

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