Dambuster Duathlon

Big Congratulations to Gill Fullen again! 2nd Lady overall and won her age group at the Dambuster Duathlon today. Very proud to still be your sponsor 4 years on!

Do you have a buffalo hump?

The past few months I have seen a number of patients who present with a “Buffalo Hump”.Nearly all of these patients were complaining of neck and shoulder pain because the hump was affecting the way they could use there neck. … Continued

Flexible HOT / COLD Packs

We sell flexible hot / cold packs at Lake View Osteopathy Clinic, just £5, they can be heated in the microwave or frozen in the the freezer! Perfect for helping you manage your injuries and sore muscles! So if you’re … Continued

Is your way of breathing causing your neck pain?

How should you breath? The connection between dysfunctional breathing and neck pain is straightforward: If the diaphragm is unable do its job well, muscles in the upper chest and neck, (your accessory breathing muscles), try to take over. As their … Continued

Top Tips to stay Ski-fit

Most of you now know that I love skiing, but unfortunately I am one of many others who only manages to get to the slopes once a year, if that. I don’t expect my body to be able to do … Continued

Running Workshop

*RUNNERS* you’ll be pleased to know that Colin Papworth is taking another Running Workshop on 15th-16th March. Those of you who attended last year I’m sure will snap this up! As you can see it will be an action packed … Continued


DID YOU KNOW…. Here at Lake View Osteopathy Clinic we assess your foot biomechanics and can prescribe custom orthotics (arch supports). “WHY?” I hear you cry! Well…. abnormal foot mechanics, (and there are a number of ways a foot can … Continued