Running Workshop

On Tuesday 27th August at Lake View Osteopathy Clinic I will be hosting a Running Workshop with Colin Papworth. It should be from 6:30 pm time to be confirmed nearer the date. The running session will look at what he … Continued

The History of Osteopathy

Dr Andrew Taylor Still 1828-1917 Andrew Taylor Still was born in 1828 in a log cabin in Lee County, Virginia into a large family where pioneering was encouraged. Still’s father was a physician, minister, and frontiersman who took care of … Continued

A massive thank-you to my lovely patients!

Thank you to all of my lovely patients who sent in pictures of them doing what osteopathy has helped them to do! The pictures have made up my new business cards and I love them! Here is a small selection; … Continued

Vibration Plate

I have a new addition to the clinic to help rehabilitate patients and also to help boost performance in athletes – targeting weak, under performing muscle chains. Despite it’s reputation for it’s fat and cellulite busting ability, the power plate … Continued

Iron Man World Championships, Hawaii

A massive congratulations to Gill for qualifying for the wrold chamionships in Hawaii this October. Better get training for that heat, while I keep everything in good working order! 🙂

How can a piece of tape affect my performance?

Kinesio Taping techniques improve neuromuscular efficiency via increased blood flow and skin stimulation. Increased blood flow ultimately means that your muscles recieve more oxygen and nutrients and also increases lymphatic drainage. This limits muscle fatigue due to inflammation control and aids a faster recovery. … Continued

ITU Long Course World Championships

Tri athlete Gill Fullen is currently traveling to Henderson, Nevada for the ITU Long Course World Championships on Saturday Nov 5th. She is competing for GB, and I am wishing her all the best!! Distances Swim: 4 km Bike: 120 … Continued


Modern Acupuncture refers to the insertions and manipulations of fine needles into the musculoskeletal system, (muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints) Acupuncture helps to speed up recovery from aches, pain, stiffness and injuries and works well alongside Osteopathic techniques. Pain relief … Continued

Osteopathy for elephants

Looks like the elephant is enjoying osteopathy as much as my horse does! Take a look: Elephant Osteopathy Article